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Clew Bay has a wide variety of wild life. On most sailings we encounter Gray Seals and Harbour Seals.

Mayo and Clew bays are among the best whale and dolphin watching areas in Western Europe. Porpoises, Common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins are all regularly spotted.

Minke Whales, occasional Killer Whales, Fin, Humpback  and Pilot Whales can be seen in the deeper waters off the outlying islands.

In both 2013 and 2014 giant bluefin Tuna were within 20m of the boat.

Achill Island has been famous for Basking Sharks for hundreds of years.

There is also a never ending supply of sea birds.  We spotted our first Sea Eagle which have recently been reintroduced and were lucky enough to catch it on film!

In 2012 we had over 100 bottlenose dolphins around us on occasion.

A trip on the MV Spirit is the best way to visit the natural habitat of these magnificent beasts and the spacious deck area of the vessel serves as an ideal viewing platform when wild dolphins come out to play.

This year, 2015 I intend doing more dedicated Wildlife Tours.

Who knows what wildlife this year will bring!

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