Whale Watching

Our new boat Bhun Abhainn, is ideal for whale watching. There is oceans of deck space so no crowding when animals are spotted. Over the last 12 months we have spotted Minke, pilot and fin whales, common and bottlenose dolphins, porpoise, sunfish (Mola Mola), basking sharks and bluefin tuna. Not to mention grey and harbour seals and numberless seabirds.

On our first whale watching trip on Bhun Abhainn we expect to have members of the IWDG with us to help get 2015 off to a flying start. Keep up to date with progress on the News page here or on facebook @Spirit Adventure.BND  11june12 058BND  11june12 037BND  11june12 010SONY DSCSONY DSC

A selection of photos taken from Spirit.


West of Ireland Whale watching on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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