April 2015

April had brought us some very settled weather with fishing/angling every weekend. On almost all trips we have had some mackerel with the exception of last sunday where we hit on a shoal. We managed to land over 200 in about 10 minuets enough to fill the bait freezers and have some fresh for tea! So far the species count is going well and that is sure to improve as we come into may. Mackerel, pollack, coalfish, cod, gurnard, thornback ray, dogfish, pouting, ling, ballan and cuckoo wrasse so far.

On the dolphin side we have had several visits from a single pod of Bottlenose Dolphins, these are the same pod that I have seen each of the four years I have been around Clew Bay. There is one particular animal with several distinctive marks on it’s dorsal fin that makes it unmistakable. ┬áNo sign of Basking sharks as yet, but the next six weeks is prime shark spotting time.

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