From Strangford to Sligo

In between getting the boat ready for work in Westport and sorting out the legalities I was asked to deliver a yacht from Strangford Lough to Sligo, around the north coast. Along with the new owner and two others we set off last Saturday, arriving in Sligo on Thursday evening. Great sailing, great sights and a great way to get the winter out of your hair!!
I have sailed around this part of the coast quite a few times now but it was a first for me in Strangford. The tides are legendary. With Ireland’s first and largest tidal power station (below).



 Mew Island, south of Belfast Lough

 The two Maidens, off Larne

 The old Maiden

 The new Maiden

 Blackhead Light.

 Rathlin Island, with west light.

 Innistrahull, Ireland’s most northerly place

 Innistrahull light.

 Horn Head

 Arranmore, co. Donegal

 Arranmore light

 Rathlin O Birne light

 Malin Beg

 Malin Beg from shore. (Yacht is just visible)

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