Clew Bay Angling

Clew Bay is one of the great angling bays in Ireland with many specimen and record fish taken over the years. It is not unusual to land 12 to 16 species in a day. Speciality fishing is also available, skate, Blue and Porbeagle Shark and even Tuna are abundant at times.

There are also 365 islands in the inner bay, one for every day of the year, plus the larger islands like Clare and Achill protecting the western approaches.


Whale/Dolphin watching is available on the M.V.Spirit. In the last year we have spotted Bottlenose and Common Dolphins, Porpoise, Pilot and Fin whales, Basking Sharks and Sunfish (Mola Mola) along with both Harbour and Grey Seals. There is no counting the number of seabirds seen on each trip.
We can offer nature tours, trips to the local islands, fishing trips, and team building days out. How about an evenings fishing, overnight on an island and a days fishing to follow? The MV Spirit is also available for charter as a motherboat for sailing events and offshore surfing partys.

Bikes and Boats

New for 2016 is the Clew By Experience, in association with Clew Bay Bike Hire.
This is a two day cycle from Westport, day one takes you out the Greenway as far as Achill then across the bay on M.V. Bhun Abhainn to Roonagh. Overnight in Louisburgh and take the day to return to Westport via Croagh Patrick.
Or do it in reverse, overnighting on Achill.

A second option is to cycle to Achaill and return to Westport by boat.